Standard Training Plans

If you are familiar with training in a gym with your own plans, but feel you aren’t progressing, these standard training plans will benefit you and help you track your progress. These training plans are aimed at intermediate to advanced level and will take 8 weeks to complete. By purchasing a workout, you are open to keep the plan to ether re-do or save for another time once complete. These different styles of training are to increase strength and hypertrophy. After the first 4 weeks of the program, it will change by increasing progressive over load that will increase strength and hypertrophy.

Personal trainer basingstoke

Standard work out plans we have made so far...

  1. Full body split program for strength and hypertrophy (beginner). 

  2. Upper body, lower body split for strength and hypertrophy (beginner to intermediate).  

  3. Push, pull, legs split for strength and hypertrophy (intermediate to advanced) 

  4. 4  day split for strength and hypertrophy (advanced).

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